Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life's Great Annoyances...

I'd like to think I'm an easy going person. If I believed that though, it would probably just prove even more how much I like to live in denial. It's not that I think I'm high-strung, I try to leave that lifestyle to my dog. It's that I have a growing, great list of annoyances.

Yes, we all get annoyed, I have no doubt of that. I think I tend to take things a step further, and never let go of these issues. Granted, I'm only now at the point in my life where I realize this and will publicly admit it ("publicly" being on my blog that has a *ahem* select [promounced "small"] readership??)...

My annoyances tend to be like that popcorn kernal that gets stuck between your teeth... If there is no relief in sight (I don't carry floss in my pocket), the agony is prolonged and obsessed about until it's finally removed. True agony.

So what of the annoyances in life that can't be eventually removed with floss, or remedied some other way? I'm talking of offenses such as people who think sports bras are actual shirts, or that the word "creek" should be pronounced "crick", bad music played in stores, the mullet, bad dental hygeine, crickets, ants, close-talkers, tailgaters, or weather forcasters in general. (this is just a light list of my continual grievances)

But I realized today one of the great thorns in my side (my side being a virtual briar patch), is actually a global dilemma. There may be no remedy, and people may never understand. But it may actually aggrivate me more than my son placing a cricket on my back in Home Depot(correctly pronounced "creek-eht").

This is a problem that has plagued me since my childhood, no less! I have vivid memories of literally squirming in disgust at the sight...

I absolutely cannot stand peanut butter cookies made with cross-hatch marks.

There is no logical explanation for this issue of mine. None. And there are many reasons as to why it's done to begin with, but none really mean much to me. No matter the cause, this has to be one of the grossest things to me ever.

So kindly world I ask for just a small change. It will simplify your life, really! One less item to clean, just press your pretty little cookies down with a spoon, or clean fingertips (or use a really cool cookie stamp?) Please, spare the forks the agony of tedious jobs like marking cookies. Please, don't cross those cookies ever again. Or in the very least effort possible, please don't share them with me.