Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breakfast Renewed??

Every morning I try to sit down and read the paper, while drinking my coffee and eating a little breakfast. It sounds grown up, which I find depressing. After today, I may be combining some of these actions into a whole new breakfast routine.

What am I talking about? The new toaster capable of burning the news, images, whatever... straight onto your toast. Truly, this is the greatest breakfast invention since breakfast. Don't want to look up the weather? Your toaster will tell you. Mad at your spouse but don't want to talk about it? Your toaster will tell them for you! Birthday greetings, anniversaries, to-do lists... all on toast.

I actually think this is as 'green' as breakfast can get. Truly, how much less paper would we use? Unfortunately, this product isn't in mass-production yet, though I will count the days until.

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