Monday, September 15, 2008

Word of the Day

"Garr" an extremely useful term one interjects when vocabulary becomes useless.

Some days I just wanna say, "Garr!". Not so much in the pirate sense, but in the 'my-vocabulary-has-no-means-of-processing-my-frustration' type of garr.

I'm garr about not wanting to turn my blog into a gripe-fest (and yet, successfully doing so!).

I say garr to the notion that we care more about molar decay in our society than moral decay.

I garr with a roar and try to scare the smoke from the skies (even my jedi powers are failing me in trying to remove it).

My jedi powers are failing me, so now I say garr.

The lady at the store was really rude to my kids and myself and I wanted to declare garr to her face (I didn't).

My house is in need of help and yet I sit here avoiding my duties in life. I need to find a mirror and garr at my reflection.

So, might ye join me in some good ol' pirate-speak? It eases the agression, and it will get you into practice before the actual "Talk Like A Pirate Day" arrives on September 19, 2008.

1 comment:

Gidgit05 said...

Awesome. :) Garr is a good word. I used it several times myself today.